Bargain Box THE FAMOUS KLINGSPOR Get over $200 worth of industrial grade sanding materials for only or $100 worth of sanding power for only $19.95 Why has this simple idea become so famous? Because there’s not a better sandpaper deal anywhere - plain and simple! Plus, woodworkers all around the world are realizing that this amount of sandpaper is virtually priceless in the shop. Imagine never having to dig through your shop to find the perfect piece of sandpaper - you’ll have a box loaded with all usable pieces. The best part is that these are our premium products that are meant for the rigors of industrial use.That means you’re not only getting plenty of sandpaper, you’re getting the best sandpaper available on the market today. You’ll find so many uses for this stuff – hand sanding, disc making, etc. Where does it come from?….Our long-standing relationship with KLINGSPOR Abrasives, makes it possible to get our hands on excess materials that can’t be used in their automated manufacturing process. This is the same product that is used by some of the world’s largest furniture manufacturers - true industrial grade! So what are you getting?….10 pounds or 20 pounds of assorted sandpaper pieces. Each is of a generous size so it’s all usable. With the 10lb box you can choose equal amounts of coarse, medium and fine (CMF) grits or just medium and fine (MF) grits while the 20lb box is only offered in equal amounts of coarse, medium and fine (CMF) grits. KLINGSPOR’s 10lb box is the deal that you’ve always wanted but for only $15 more, you can have 20 pounds of the world’s best sandpaper. 20 LB BARGAIN BOX - COARSE / MEDIUM / FINE BB00006.................$34.95 10 LB BARGAIN BOX - COARSE / MEDIUM / FINE BB00010............$19.95 10 LB BARGAIN- BOX MEDIUM / FINE BB00095.......$19.95 Bargain Box of End Rolls A Woodturners Must Have!! Edge rolls are the byproduct of our automated machines when the "jumbo rolls" are cut into smaller, more convenient rolls. This "trim" is first-quality narrow roll stock typically in widths from 1/2" wide to 4" wide. These are perfect for lathe work, sanding spindles, chair legs and other turned parts. Med./Fine (100 Grit & Finer) Only! 20LB BARGAIN BOX OF END ROLLS BB00001 .................$34.95
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