Disc Sanding for the Lathe PS33 Scalloped Discs Hook & Loop Paper Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop Quick Roll Connect Mega Sanding Kit Our scalloped-edge discs wrap around the edge of the sanding pad so there's no sharp disc edge to scratch your work. Made from our most popular sanding material - the now-famous KLINGSPOR aluminum oxide stearate, you'll realize exceptional life along with exceptional finishes. With Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop Mega Sanding QRC Kit you get: • Five each of the 2" & 3" sanding backing pads: Yellow foam backing pads have QRC adapter on one side and Black Hook material on the other side. These allow you to quickly connect, with a roll of the wrist, to the mandrel. Make quick changes between grits without having to remove the sanding disc from the mandrel every time. • Five each of the 2" & 3" interface soft foam sanding pads: Dark 10mm (3/8") thick, soft foam pads, help when sanding inside of small bowls, deep contours or intricate pieces. One side has black hook material and the other side has black loop material. These are great for lowering heat buildup on the Backing Pads and helps produce softer sanding scratches. • One each of the 2" and 3" KLINGSPOR’s own Quick Roll Connect (QRC) mandrel stem sanding pad (Roloc™ Style Connector). The QRC’s mount in your drill chuck and the sanding backing pads twist on & off with a rolling of the wrist motion, when changing grits. No more having to un-chuck your mandrel between grits. Just quickly roll off the previous backing pad and roll on the next backing pad with the next sanding grit. • You get five each of the 2" & 3" Black Hook Repair Discs. Just like our larger Black Hook Discs, these are made to repair worn down or melted backing pad/sanding pad Black Hook material. Made with PSA on one side and the hooks on the other side. • A Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop kit wouldn’t be complete without a woodturners favorite. You get a total of 100 discs– 10 each of 2" and 10 each of 3" in these grits - 80, 100, 120, 150 & 180. GRIT 2" 3" 400 10 Pack KD50060 KD60066 $3.95 4.95 50 Pack KD54400 KD64400 $13.95 16.95 320 10 Pack KD50059 KD60059 $3.95 4.95 50 Pack KD54320 KD64320 $13.95 16.95 220 10 Pack KD50057 KD60057 $3.95 4.95 50 Pack KD54220 KD64220 $13.95 16.95 180 10 Pack KD50056 KD60056 $3.95 4.95 50 Pack KD54180 KD64180 $13.95 16.95 150 10 Pack KD50055 KD60055 $3.95 4.95 50 Pack KD54150 KD64150 $13.95 16.95 120 10 Pack KD50054 KD60054 $3.95 4.95 50 Pack KD54120 KD64120 $13.95 16.95 100 10 Pack KD50053 KD60053 $3.95 4.95 50 Pack KD54100 KD64100 $13.95 16.95 80 10 Pack KD50052 KD60052 $3.95 4.95 50 Pack KD54080 KD64080 $13.95 16.95 60 10 Pack KD50051 KD60051 $3.95 4.95 50 Pack KD54060 KD64060 $13.95 16.95 Save Big - Buy Our Mega Kit X QUICK ROLL CONNECT MEGA SANDING KIT MSK001 REGULAR PRICE ..... $175.95 $10900 Individually priced each piece of the kit costs over $175! Get the Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop QRC Mega Sanding Kit with everything listed for QRC Sanding Accessories NEW LOWER PRICE SHOP ONLINE FOR OURFULL LINE OF PRODUCTS Sorby Sandmaster 2" QRC MANDREL KJ20003 .....$7.95 3" QRC MANDREL KJ20004 .....$8.95 2" QRC H&L BACKING PAD KJ20005 .....$6.95 3" QRC H&L BACKING PAD KJ20006 .....$7.95 2" PSA "HOOK DISCS" 5pk VC20002 .....$3.95 3" PSA "HOOK DISCS" 5pk VC30003 .....$5.95 This is the ideal sanding tool for wood turners. A 2" diameter Velcro pad, with 90 degrees of adjustability, attached to a 9" ash handle allows the turner to thoroughly sand the turning while it is still on the lathe. The rotation of the work piece itself spins the sanding pad. The Sandmaster is a fast and efficient way to sand bowls and platters without getting the traditional radial sanding lines. Once you have the turning thoroughly sanded, a goblet buff can replace the Velcro sanding pad. This tool not only saves the turners time, but also gives better results. Sandmaster includes 10 disc assortment. SORBY SANDMASTER SZ00036 ...........$79.95 HARD H&L FLEXI-PAD NON-TAPERED 2" FP50200 ...............................................$12.95 3" FP75200 ...............................................$14.95 1500 Max RPMs
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