Belt Sanding KLINGSPOR's Famous Box of Belts KLINGSPOR Abrasives has made their top quality industrial grade abrasive belts available to the masses in a very special way. Here's how it's done. We take our over runs, end cuts, and excess Aluminum Oxide cloth or polyester backed materials and turn them in to industrial grade sanding belts. We create "same grit" packs together to make a bundle of 5 or 6 belts (depending on belt width) per grit! Because we're using material that we couldn't sell in any other form, we're able to sell these belts VERY INEXPENSIVELY! FAMOUS BOX OF BELTS 3" belts bundles – 36 belts .97¢ EACH 4" belt bundles – 30 belts $1.17 EACH 3" x 21" BZRD32100 3" x 24" BZRD32400 4" x 24" BZRD42400 COMBO INCLUDES: 1 PACK EACH OF 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 GRITS BEST PRICE IN THE BUSINESS!! ONLY $795 PER PACK How Do We Do It? Historically, manufacturers of sanding products have considered end pieces and excess odd-sized material a "cost of doing business" and have reflected these "losses" in inflated product prices. Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop uses these first-quality by-products to pass savings along to you in the Bargain Box and Box of Belts. We keep regular prices at a minimum and offer you additional savings to boot when you buy a Bargain Box or Box of Belts ... either for just $34.95! $1.59 Per Belt $1.32 Per Belt 3"x 21" 3"x 24" 4"x 24" 6 PACK 6 PACK 5 PACK 320 Grit BZRD68629 BZRD68642 BZRD68730 240 Grit BZRD68627 BZRD68640 BZRD68667 220 Grit BZRD68626 BZRD68639 BZRD68666 180 Grit BZRD68625 BZRD68638 BZRD68665 150 Grit BZRD68624 BZRD68637 BZRD68664 120 Grit BZRD68623 BZRD68636 BZRD68662 100 Grit BZRD68622 BZRD68635 BZRD68661 80 Grit BZRD68620 BZRD68634 BZRD68660 60 Grit BZRD68619 BZRD68633 BZRD68659 50 Grit BZRD68618 BZRD68632 BZRD68658 40 Grit BZRD68617 BZRD68631 BZRD68657 36 Grit BZRD68616 BZRD68630 BZRD68656 We warranty our abrasive belts and joint failure for 2 years
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