foaM SaNDINg Foam Hand Sanding Blocks & Pads... Rub Out Simple Contour & Profile Sanding Problems. ITEM # REGULAR BUY BUY product at the best price. While using these blocks and pads, remember that if220 GRIT (10pk) FA02410 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 you keep them "clean" they will last longer. So, occasionally180 GRIT (10pk) FA02411 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 bang the block on your hand or your workbench andknock the wood particles out. If you keep this up, When we introduced these Foam Hand Sanding Blocks and Pads a couple of yearsago, we had no idea what kind of impact they would make. Home woodworkers, professionals and large furniture manufacturers have all found a large num- FOAM SANDING PRICE 5 PKS 25 PKS BLOCKS 4" x 3" x 1-1/4" ber of uses for these items. Nothing is better for final sanding of 60 GRIT (10pk) FA02406 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 simple contours and profiles - this seems to be the consensusanyway. Now with the variety of kits and grits available, you80 GRIT (10pk) FA02407 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 can't go wrong. There will certainly be something to fit100 GRIT (10pk) FA02408 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 that certain need in your shop. We'll only offer the best 120 GRIT (10pk) FA02409 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 FOAM SANDING PAD 5" x 4" x 1/2" you'll think these things never wear out. If it getsto the point where you think the block is clogged60 GRIT (10pk) FA02801 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 beyond further use, head to the sink and wash80 GRIT (10pk) FA02802 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 it out. It'll be almost like new again! Obviously these 100 GRIT (10pk) FA02803 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 are a must for every woodworking shop! The thin "pad" is best for more severe contours and smaller radii.120 GRIT (10pk) FA02804 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 The foam is very soft and forgiving making it perfect for molding, narrow edges and220 GRIT (10pk) FA02805 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 small turned parts. Sized at 5" long by 4" wide and about 1/2" thick, this pad fits perfectly in your hand. 180 GRIT (10pk) FA02806 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 The thicker "block" works quite well on flat surfaces where you might be concerned about gouging the workpiece, as well as concave or convex surfaces and around most larger curved ULTRAFLEX SANDING PADS parts. This 4" long by 3" wide by 1-1/4" thick block offers greatversatility and extraordinary life. 4-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 1/4" 120 GRIT A/O (10PK) FA03440 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 Ultraflex Sanding Pads Our Longest 180 GRIT A/O (10PK) FA03441 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 Lasting, Most Flexible Sanding Pad UltraFlex Sanding Pads are the premium foam pads on the220 GRIT A/O (10PK) FA03442 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 market. These incorporate a dense foam structure and a full, even320 GRIT A/O (10PK) FA03443 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 coating of either aluminum oxide or silicon carbide grains. This makes120 GRIT S/C (10PK) FA03550 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 for an extremely long-lasting pad that is very flexible for finish-sanding of 180 GRIT S/C (10PK) FA03551 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 contoured parts and profiles. The pad measures 4-1/2" wide and 5-1/2" long. 220 GRIT S/C (10PK) FA03552 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 320 GRIT S/C (10PK) FA03553 $11.95 $10.95 $9.50 Angled Sanding Pads So you like the way sanding sponges work on your wood proj ects, but can’t quite get into those tight areas? With our Angled ANGLED SANDING PADS REGULAR BUY Sponges, you can take care of this little shortcoming. One edge ITEM # PRICE 10 PKS 4-7/8" x 2-7/8" x 1" *The grit "range" - 800-1200, 1200-1500, etc. - refers touse on variable speed sanders. At slow speeds the productperforms at the coarser end of the range; at higher speeds, the of our standard block sponge has now been brought to a thinangle allowing you to slide it into tight spaces and accomplish120 GRIT A/O (10PK) FA04120 $13.95 $12.95 your tough sanding tasks. These are meant for finishing only so180 GRIT A/O (10PK) FA04180 $13.95 $12.95 we offer two fine grits in these amazing sanding sponges. Klingspor PremiumFoam SandingPad We are proud to introduce KLINGSPOR’S NEW Premium Foam Sanding Pads to our lineup of quality foam pads and blocks. Why Premium? Well, a new Solvent Free technolo gy is used to produce these pads, along with a more flexible resin and premium Aluminum Oxide grains. Additionally, Klingspor has increased the tear resistance offering extended use. These are a must to add to your foam sandingarsenal. Measurements: 5" x 4" x 1/2" thick. Color may vary. PREMIUM FOAM SANDING PAD - 10 PACK 100 GRIT FA02903..................... $15.95 120 GRIT FA02904 ................... $15.95 180 GRIT FA02905 ................... $15.95 220 GRIT FA02906 ................... $15.95 BUY 5 PKS PAY ............................$14.95 EACH BUY 25 OR MORE PACKS PAY ...$13.50 EACH Klingspor Fusion Foam KLINGSPOR's Fusion Foam Pads are the latest in high technology abrasives for surface preparation. They are engineered to obtain a uniform surface on contoured or flat areas -perfect for final finishing of turned pieces including pens and acrylic materials. product performs at the finer end of the range. 6" (PACKS OF 5) 3" (PACKS OF 5) 080-100 Grit KA60608 ........$17.95 800-1200 Grit KA31200 ........$13.95 120-150 Grit KA60612 ........$17.95 1800-2500 Grit KA32500 ........$13.95 220-240 Grit KA60622 ........$17.95 2800-3500 Grit KA33500 ........$13.95 600-700 Grit KA60670 ........$17.95 800-1200 Grit KA61200 ........$25.95 5" (Packs of 5) 1800-2500 Grit KA62500 ........$25.95 080-100 Grit KA50508 ........$13.95 2800-3500 Grit KA63500 ........$25.95 120-150 Grit KA50512 ........$13.95 220-240 Grit KA50522 .........$13.95 ASSORTMENT 5 PACKS Consists of 1 EA: 80-100 600-700 Grit KA50570 .........$13.95 A/O, 120-150 A/O, 220-320 A/O, 800-1200 S/C, 2800-3500 S/C 800-1200 Grit KA51200 ........$21.95 3" KA30001 .......... $13.95 1800-2500 Grit KA52500 ........$21.95 5" KA50001 .......... $19.95 6" KA60001 .......... $27.95 2800-3500 Grit KA53500 ........$21.95 Order Online: www.woodworkingsho
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