Measure & Layout Center Rule Kreg Multi-Mark 40" Flexible Curve The Center Finding Rule is another measuring and layout tool no shop should be without. One edge is a standard ruler/ straight edge that's graduated in 16ths. The other side acts as a center finder and is graduated in 1/32". You'll be able to quickly find the center point without any guesswork or trial and error. Two sizes are available. 12" CENTER RULE IP34120 ...................$10.95 24" CENTER RULE IP34240 ...................$18.95 Lightweight aluminum core is easy to shape and holds any curve firmly for accurate drawings. Graduated in both English and metric. Inch graduations in 16ths and 32nds are color coded black for quick identification. Metric graduations in mm and cm are color coded red. Convenient inking edges for pen and marker use and flat edges on both sides for pencil drawing. Lead and phthalate free. 40" FLEXIBLE CURVE AL10444 ..............$19.95 VIDEO ONLINE The Kreg Multi-Mark™ is an incredibly handy multi-purpose marking and measuring tool, perfect for a wide variety of household and jobsite applications. The Multi- Mark™ features three different scale configurations, a built-in level, a handy 3/16" reveal gauge, and much more. Whether you need to transfer a measurement for that last ceramic tile, layout some mitered corners, or just straighten a few simple picture frames, the Multi-Mark™ is the only tool you'll need to get the job done! KREG MULTI-MARK KR29000 .................$14.99 The hook rule is a heavy duty, engraved rule is hardened stainless with a satin chrome finish. One side is marked 8ths and 16ths while the other is marked in 32nds and 64ths. The hook on the end can be switched to either side. 12" HOOK RULE SATIN CHROME IP34012 .........................................................$14.95 12" Combination Square Centerpoint Tape Measure Quick And Easy Way To The Middle Every Time The Centerpoint tape measure makes it very easy to find the center point of your work, both in the shop and on the job. Whether it's a desk top or a framed wall, finding the center has never been faster. Simply measure the distance using the top scale and then find the same reading on the bottom scale. It's that quick. The heavy gauge tape and tough plastic housing make this tool as durable as it is useful. CENTERPOINT TAPE 16' CF97161 ...$16.95 The Starrett 12" Combination Square with Square Head features a reversible lock bolt, scriber, spirit level, and hardened steel, photo-engraved blade with regular This product also includes a cast iron head with black wrinkle finish. 12", 4R Grad, Regular Blade 12" COMBINATION SQUARE W/ SQUARE HEAD SE50055 ..........................................$84.95 With this good quality shop rule, you'll be able to measure in both fractional and metric readings. The two edged fractional side is engraved with both 32nds and 64ths. The other side is metric and reads to 300mm. 12" STAINLESS STEEL RULER IP34007 ....$5.95 Pencil Compass & Divider The 6" x 3/4" rule is ideal for the small tool kit or pocket. Both sides are fraction with 32nds & 64ths on one side and 8ths and 16ths on the other. 6" STAINLESS STEEL RULER IP34006 ......$3.95 Pencil/Compass Scribers are handy in carpentry and woodworking. This heavy duty compass will mark a circle up to 9" diameter. It can be used as a scribing guide for edges and many other layout operations. Made of die cast metal and is rust resistant. PENCIL COMPASS & DIVIDER GE84200 ....................$7.95 14" Digital Angle Rule Our 12" Digital Angle Rule can be used for many applications. It will enable you to accurately set angles on everything from miter gauges, table saw blades to miter saws. It is an excellent tool for those doing trim carpentry. The digital Protractor can be zeroed out at any point and can be changed where you can read it from either end. 12" DIGITAL ANGLE RULE IP35412 .......$29.95 5 Piece Caliper Set Marking Gauge This 5-Piece Woodworking Caliper Set includes compass, straight dividers, inside calipers, outside calipers, and inside/ outside calipers. It’s a perfect assortment for wood turning and general layout work. WK45960..................$49.95 Traditional marking gauges are a must in any shop. The most practical is the beech gauge. It's 100% beech and measures 8" overall. The next step up is the rosewood marking gauge. It has polished brass in the wear areas along with a brass, tightening knob. Perfect Butt Profile Scriber Point 2 Point BEECH CN00135 .........$16.95 The Profile Scriber holds a sprung pencil at the center of 4 interchangeable tracing wheels. Thus ensuring the scriber (pencil) remains at an equal distance from the profiling surface throughout the scribing process. The "Perfect Butt" Profile Scriber is designed to allow flush butting of worktops, kitchen tops, shelves, flooring and other work pieces into uneven and irregular surfaces, and works wonders for offsetting contours in creating templates and forms for bent-wood lamination. Interchangeable wheel sizes: 1-1/8" - 2" - 2-3/4" - 3-1/2" diameter. PERFECT BUTT PROFILE SCRIBER MR00002 ................................$26.95 ROSEWOOD & BRASS CN00138 .............$32.95 How do you divide a span of wood - or any other material - into several equal parts instantly without the use of calipers, a ruler or calculator? Just expand then contract the Point 2 Point to give an instant visual guide to locations. Quickly work out the correct number and position of dowels, screws, pins, or calculate the maximum number of strips that can be cut from a board. The Point 2 Point has a 4-point brass locking mechanism enabling you to transfer your locked measurements between boards or over large areas. Designed for both right and left-handed use with a maximum expansion of 2ft. POINT 2 POINT MK2 MR00022 ..............$24.95 Marking Knife This marking knife features a hardened and tempered carbon steel blade and rosewood handle. It is ideal for various marking applications, everything from tails and pins to straight cut lines. 2" MARKING KNIFE RH CN00112 .......$12.95 86 24 Hour Toll Free Ordering: 800-228-0000
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